Scott Lockhart’s Walk Story

My mother, Dorothy Lockhart, died in March 2016, from Alzheimer’s disease and Lewy Body Dementia. She was very fortunate to have a family who could support her during her final years in an Indianapolis memory care unit. I was not able to visit her as often as I would have liked but she had family close to her retirement home who visited her often.

She loved seeing the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, was always happy and had a ready smile for anyone who spoke to her. She didn’t communicate very often but every once in a while, would remind us as we were leaving to “Always bring cake!” She loved dessert! The picture of her was taken when she was working as a government food inspector during World War II, where she met my father, Quenten Lockhart, who was in training with the Army Air Force.

I walk in memory of my mother and other family members and friends whose families have been and are currently affected by dementia. I would like to see a cure found for Alzheimer’s, hopefully in my lifetime, but certainly in my children’s lifetime.

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