We WALK and donate because our loved ones have inspired us!

Inspiration for why we walk!

They say you are supposed to remember for a lifetime as you get older, to reminisce with loved ones about life experiences. I volunteer to help find an end to Alzheimer’s. I want to find a cure so that Mary does not lose her motor skills to be able to walk alongside me; so that John does not have to spend his every waking day worrying about his wife; for Dan who would play the piano for his community, but now he stares at the keys, not remembering where to place his hands and says, “I have lost it;” and for all the grandkids, sons, and daughters who just want their loved one to remember them.

Melinda Ballenger

Today I see the Walk as a powerful experience in which people have come together. It is a symbol for how our community has awareness of the impact of this disease and are willing to lend a hand to those who are affected as well as to the research to find that “first survivor.”

Chris Anderson

They say when you have met one person with Alzheimer’s, you’ve met one person. Every journey and story is a little bit different.

Lauren Hibdon

I walk for all the “seniors” I have known in my 26 years as an Activity and Volunteer Director; for the countless daughters and sons who grieved as they walked out of the communities with tears running down their cheeks after their moms or dads didn’t recognize them; for the husbands and wives that held a spouse in their arms who they promised to love and cherish so long ago but can now barely recognize them. I walk for the biological grandfather my daughter didn’t get to meet because he died too young from Alzheimer’s – a game changer for my daughter – she now knows she is at risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Maureen Milligan