Patti Wick’s Walk Story

My mom and mother-in-law both died of Alzheimer’s. They were diagnosed a year apart and had the disease simultaneously for 12 years. They even ended up living in the same memory care community ten minutes from our home.

Their journeys, from the time they were diagnosed until they passed away, spanned 13 years. There were highs and lows for all of us throughout those years, but I learned incredible life lessons.

Alzheimer’s can be a frightening experience…for those with the disease and for family and friends.

I learned a lot about life, laughter, and loss. But the biggest lesson was learning to live in the moment because with Alzheimer’s there really is no past or future.

Nevertheless, there was always love, even if we had to learn new ways to communicate that to each other.

I Walk to End Alzheimer’s:

  • to share my story
  • to honor the legacies of my two incredible moms and the 5.8 million people living with the disease
  • and because I want tosee a cure in my lifetime

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