Hanh H. Hoang’s Walk Story

Working with the Alzheimer’s Association has given me a lot of perspective on how dedicated everyone is to finding a cure for this disease. I have a passion to advocate and support the elderly community, and finding this organization was the best thing for me because it allows me to connect with those who are fighting for the same thing for their loved ones.

My Grandma, who recently passed away, lived in Vietnam and had a diagnosis of dementia. Living in Vietnam, there is not much that can be done when one has Alzheimer’s or dementia as healthcare is not as advanced as it is here. I got to visit her 2 years ago and got to see that this diagnosis was taking a toll on her, she didn’t remember who my dad was or anyone in my family and was confusing those around her with other people.

The reason I walk is for my grandma and everyone else. I want to offer my support and help find a cure for this disease and I couldn’t be happier to work with an organization like the Alzheimer’s Association.

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